Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 2014 Roundup

Wow, January is over. That went so fast. I had some successes and several incomplete projects. I worked hard, though. With two littles ones, I don't get as much sewing time as I would like.

My January goals are here.

First of all, I did finish the Economy Block Quilt! Pieced, quilted, bound, DONE!


I didn't quite finish piecing the top of the Hugs and Kisses Quilt yet, but I'm sure I will finish it tomorrow. I'm loving this!


I did not touch the Isosceles Quilt. Ha! Ha! Procrastination!


I finished this book bag early in the month. It's so sweet.


My pillow plans have changed over the month. I had hoped to finish one or two heart-themed pillows this month. This has now turned into a commissioned project that is now due in march. Oh, the suspense. I drafted the pattern, and I cannot wait to share the tutorial with you in the coming months.

I did make this cutie kangaroo block for the lovely Kristy at Quiet Play. She will be selling this pattern soon. I'm going to make this block into a sweet pillow for my gingers and their playroom.


The best part of this month was when Ginger #1 asked to watch me sew. She watched for about 5 minutes and then got bored. She seems genuinely interested in sewing. I can't wait to teach her when she is ready.


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Friday, January 24, 2014

First 2014 Quilt Finish

My first quilt for 2014 is DONE! I love this one...

Economy Block Quilt

I only used fabrics from my stash. I did buy some minky for the back. This blanket is super cozy with a light layer of batting and the minky backing. 


I slept under it last night, and it was so warm.


The minky backing wasn't quite wide enough, and I'm glad it wasn't. I love the strip of blocks down the back. This is my first pieced backing. I think all of my backings will now be pieced. It's definitely more work, but the outcome is worthwhile.


I quilted it in an all-over flower pattern. It's random. Some flowers are big and some are small. Some flowers are stitched over each other! Oops. Without a speed regulator on "Old Smoky", I just go with the flow and fill space. There's no slowing her down! So my designs are organic. That's a good name for somewhat sloppy quilting..."organic". Anyways, I love the organic look. It's definitely free-motion and not computerized.


I was thrilled with the binding! Absolutely thrilled. I was going to do a black/white print, but I didn't think there was enough fabric left to go around the quilt. I had enough of the pink pin dot, and I'm in love with it. Seriously. I added rock pockets at the corners for picnics and beach trips.


I did draft a 12-inch finished block for this quilt. Check here if you would like the measurements for the 12-inch economy block. The finished quilt measures roughly 60" by 72".


Thanks for visiting.

On another note, Craftsy is having a fabric and yarn flash sale this weekend. I have not checked it out yet, but I will (I've been too busy quilting!).

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Up To 50% Off at Craftsy

I'm an affiliate for Craftsy. I'm also a very happy Craftsy student. Craftsy classes have made me a better quilter. Every Most morning(s) while I run on the treadmill, I also watch a quilting lesson on my tablet. How awesome is that?! With Craftsy, you are learning from the top quilters, wherever you are in the world!


This year, turn your resolutions into reality with Craftsy! For the next 48 hours, choose from over 50 classes in 14 categories that are up to 50% off and start learning from the comfort of your own home. Categories include cooking, photography, sewing, quilting, fine art, knitting, and more! 

Check out the flash sale here: Craftsy Flash Sale 1/18-1/19

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Joining FAL 2014 Q1

Talk about procrastination. I'm joining in at the last hour. Thanks to The Littlest Thistle for hosting this finish along.

For the first quarter, I want to finish 2 quilts...


1. Economy Block Quilt. 
Status: Top Done; For the back, I picked up some minky today, and I want to add a column of economy blocks in between the minky columns.


2. Hugs and Kisses Quilt. 
Status: The top is half pieced. I had to buy more fabric to make it 72" square. This should be easy to finish. This has been a really fun quilt, but difficult to find the Promenade fabric as it is at least a couple years old now.

3. Isosceles Triangle Quilt. 
Status: Top is 1/5th complete. I am totally procrastinating on this! It is such a monotonous quilt, but it will be stunning when done and huge too (around 95" square). I hope to at least work on this quilt in the first quarter, maybe complete a row. :)

Other projects to finish...


4. Tote to match Weekender. Status: Done! Woohoo! 
5. Aeroplane bag. Status: I have the pattern. :) 
6. A pillow for Valentine's Day. Status: I have an idea in my head. It involves hearts. :) 

Finish Along 2014

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Economy Block Top: Done!


I completed the top of the economy block quilt. It measures 61" by 73". That is a perfect picnic size.


This quilt is like a swatch library to my fabric stash, especially all the girly patterns in my stash.


Pink unicorns, a Tula Pink raccoon, superheroes, and dragons...all so random and crazy!


Ginger #2 (a.k.a. professional photo bomber) wanted so badly to come outside during the photo shoot. She did help me procrastinate by playing smooshy-face on the window.


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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Not A Market Tote

So, my problem has been solved. I was concerned about not having even weight distribution across my shoulders with just the Weekender Bag. I was going to make a matching Market Tote to even things out, but I was swooned by a tote pattern with fabric dividers and tabs.


I ended up making the Kid's Book Bag from the new book "Playful, Little Paper-Pieced Projects". This pattern is by Laura Jane Taylor. I was afraid that since it is for kids, that this bag might be small for me. At 14" by 17", it is just the right size for me. There are so many other cute patterns in this book. I love the paper clips from the original pattern, but I really wanted a tote to match my already made Weekender. So I changed the pattern front a bit, but stuck to the pattern measurements.


I used some of my favorite fabrics. Look at the typewriters and newspaper prints. Squeal! For the divider tabs, I stamped "READ", "Quilt", and "Sew". Double Squeal! This is so perfect for storing papers and magazines.


It matches perfectly with the Weekender Bag. Now both shoulders will be happy, and I will not be walking lopsided! Whew...what a RELIEF!


When I make another one of these cuties (I'm sure it will be soon), I will add more structure to it with heavier interfacing. It's a bit floppy. I would also love to make another one for Ginger #1 to carry her papers and homework back and forth to school. She doesn't carry books yet so a backpack is not appropriate for her. She brings home a lot of paperwork and artwork. Papers are always flying in our car on the drive home. I think I would make the bag a tad smaller for her and not add heavier interfacing, though, keeping it as light as possible.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Promenade Stripping


Yeah, I know that I cannot fool you quilters. You know exactly what I'm talking about, and you do it too!


I have finally stripped my Promenade fabric by Riley Blake into 2 and a half-inch strips. I've been holding onto this fabric for far too long. I'm sewing the strips into 12-inch blocks. With 4 blocks together, it makes a nice big X.


Well, now that's a little x-rated! I'm so just kidding. My humor is terrible. I will stick to quilting.


I think this will end up to be a 70-inch square quilt. That's a good size, I think. I love this promenade fabric.


In other news, my oldest ginger turned 6 years-old over the weekend. I was finally able to give her the mermaid pillow. She told me a week before her birthday that I better get working on this and finish soon. She didn't know that I had already finished it weeks ago. Ha Ha! She loved it, and my heart was so overjoyed.


Ginger #1 is in love with Rapunzel now. So, I made her a matching cake.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Quilty January Goals

I'm happy to be joining A Lovely Year of Finishes this year over at Fiber of All Sorts. I missed last year since I began blogging mid-year. There is no excuse for 2014.

And I've started another quilt! Why not? I decided to plunge right into the quilt along over at Red Pepper QuiltsThis one is an economy block quilt, but my block size is 12.5-inches.

When I first started hoarding collecting fabric, I was first drawn to princess/girly prints. I also was drawn to larger prints. I have yet to find the right quilt pattern for the large and girly prints.

Well, the economy block seems to show off the large prints. I drew the block in EQ7 for a 12.5" unfinished block.

Screen shot 2014-01-03 at 3.10.06 PM
So, this is goal #1 for January, finish piecing the top for the economy block quilt. I think 5 blocks square will be a good size. This is a quick quilt to get me in the quilting mode.

Goal #2: My weekender bag needs to have a market tote friend. Really. After all, I have two shoulders, right? The market tote shall, of course, match the weekender. I love Fort Firefly.

Goal #3: I would like to triple the size of the isosceles quilt. I'd love to say that I will be done piecing this beast by the end of January, but that's unlikely. Those triangles are devilish, but I do want to keep working on this.

Goal #4: I will make a Valentine's Day pillow, maybe 2, but at least 1. I'm wishy-washy, and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Yippee! -Not for being wishy-washy. This will include foundation paper piecing.

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