Friday, September 18, 2015

Creative Maker Supply Case For My Budding Artist

This last week I made a Creative Maker Supply Case for my 7 year-old budding artist, Ginger #1. She was head over heals excited for this case, especially since I included a brand-new-set-of-markers! I know that happens to me every time I get a brand-new-stack-of-fat-quarters.
I was in a good mood because I included one of my beloved frixion pens. Ginger #1 has no idea that this shows how much I love her!
This case is very sturdy. It uses flex foam interfacing and extra-heavy interfacing. The result is a very sturdy case, perfect for car trips. I have no idea when we are actually going to take a car trip.
I added the ginger's name with my digital cutter. It's a flocked heat-transfer material that works perfectly on fabrics. I've used the digital cutter and this material for labels on the back of quilts.
Let's look at the inside again...
I wanna be a kid again. OK, no I don't, but I will make one of these cases for myself and revert to my childish ways.
Now I gotta make one for Ginger #2 and myself. I'll be busy this next week.

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