Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Quilt Barn

Carol brought me her barn quilt for custom quilting. I am delighted at the results. This is truly an heirloom.
This quilt is filled with wonderful barns and chickens. Carol made fabulous fabric choices for her piecing work.
Can you see the cow quilted in the barn? This quilt has so many surprises.
There's a dog on the side of the barn and a cat in the barn window.
I used taupe thread throughout this quilt.
The chickens have 3-dimensional wings, another fantastic detail!
The comb of the chicken is two hearts! So cute, and I was able to outline quilt this raw-edge appliqué.
Each barn block tells a story. This day is made for flying a kite.
This barn block is bit too blustery. It's best to stay inside on these days.
This barn block is like the perfect weather day. It's definitely spring, and do you notice the dove on top the barn?
I love how Carol put a picture of her and her husband in the center barn of this quilt.
This is the horse barn with a quilted sheep roaming outside.
Here is a very patriotic chicken. Is she laying patriotic eggs too?
I had to take a lot of pictures of this finished quilt. There is just so much to share.
Carol, thank you so much for entrusting me with your gorgeous quilt. This was so much fun!

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