Monday, August 26, 2013

Making Hoodies, Flocked By Flying Geese, and Fabric Lovelies

I'm making some clothes for the gingers! It's been awhile since I sewed for the girls. I saw the Hangout Hoodie from Nap Time Crafters, and I knew the gingers had to have it. Best of all, it was on sale last week for $4. So, I snatched it up.


Ginger #1 needs a size 5.  Ginger #2 wears a 3T. This pattern goes from 6 mos to size 10. I was able to cut out all the pieces this afternoon. I'm using cozy microfleece in violet (favorite color of Ginger #1) and grey rib knit for the collar and cuffs. These are going to be very comfy. I'll sew these up tomorrow with my serger. Let's all hope my serger has a good day tomorrow. I'm weary of the beast serger.


Other things I'm working on, making flying geese for the Star Surround Quilt-A-Long. It's going well. I made 50 so far, and that's about half way done. I feel like I'm being flocked by flying geese. Seriously.

Some fabric loveliness was awaiting me in the mailbox today. These lovelies came from


Fat quarter stack of Momo, Chirp Chirp


Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery, Reminisce, Sweet Nostalgia Vintage


Rashida Coleman-Hale, Don't Be Koi

Happy Quilting,

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Oh, My Quilting Stars! Star Surround Quilt-A-Long

I've gotten a really late start on the Star Surround Quilt-A-Long by Happy quilting. See, I'm woking on a memory quilt, and I already had these half square triangle stars pieced together. I was just going to add white sashing between the stars and be done with it. Done! But then I saw the Star Surround. It was perfect! And I was not Done.


I did already have 9 of inner stars pieced. Those are the most difficult since i'm using shirt fabric with polyester, not 100 percent cotton. I have 3 more to piece. Not too bad, eh? Now i have to make over 100 flying geese. Oh, my quilting stars. Thankfully, they are going together quickly. These blocks are BIG. Mine is 16 inches.


I'm so glad I found this pattern at just the right time. Maybe that is why I have been procrastinating on this quilt for so long. Nothing seemed right. This pattern is perfect and fairly easy to piece.

If you would like to participate in this Quilt-A-Long, then click the link below. There are also many other beautiful surround star pictures to view as well. I love seeing all the fabric combinations.

Happy Quilting,

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Introducing Myself

My name is Katie.  Welcome to my new blog, Good Golly Ginger.

Ellison Lane Quilts is hosting a Studio Spotlight Link Up.  What a fantastic opportunity to introduce myself and where I sew.


I’m lucky to have a dedicated sewing bedroom in my house.  This space used to be an office, but I booted out Mr. Ginger when I painted the walls a very girly aqua color.

I used to sew on the dining table when my oldest daughter, Ginger #1, was an infant.  She is now 5 years old and just started Kindergarten last week.  She has booted me from the dining table and entitled it “The Art Table”.  Who am I to argue with that?!  So, I needed a place to sew, and the hubby’s office was the logical choice, and it needed to be painted.


Apparently, I have not taught Ginger #1 to pick up after herself.  This is real life, folks.  A true artist always has a mess at hand, right?

I picked up my mess for these photos.  My sewing room is never THIS clean.


My cutting table is from Ikea.  So are the drawers and cans and just about everything else in my room.  Mr. Ginger continually mocks my affinity for Ikea.  I’m lucky to live 20 minutes away from Ikea.  The Sizzix Big Shot Pro sits atop the drawers, and the drawers roll out when I need to use the BSP.  I love the BSP.  Without it, I wouldn’t quilt.  I can’t imagine cutting out squares and triangles all day long.  The BSP makes piecing tolerable.


My paper crafts are stored in an old TV armoire that we no longer used when TVs became flat.  I needed a place for storage, and the armoire needed crap in it.  It was a match made in heaven when Mr. Ginger added the shelves.  Oh, yeah, this idea was not my own, but came from Pinterest.  Please follow me on Pinterest.


My fabric storage cabinet came from Ikea.  No surprise.  I love the glass doors.


The rolling cart also came from Ikea.  Ack!  It holds all of my sewing notions and bobbins.  I didn’t mean to pick out the fire engine red color, but somehow it looks good in the room…a happy mistake.  I iron small blocks on top of this cart while sitting at my sewing machine.


This is the project I’m currently working on.  It is a memory quilt that I’m making for my mom using my dad’s old shirts.  He passed away almost one year ago.  I miss him terribly.  He was the best!  I’ve made two other memory quilts this past year.  I will be glad when this one is done.  It’s emotional cutting into fabric that cannot be replaced, ever.  It’s also a bear to piece fabric that is a cotton/polyester blend.  I will give tips and tricks on this later.


Meet the Gingers when they were just babies.  Ginger #1 is in the back.  She is now 5 years old and just became a kindergartener.  I mentioned that already.  This is why I now have time to blog.  Ginger #2 is now 2 years old and makes for good sewing company.  She mostly stays out trouble.  That lovely little jar is my Grandma’s buttons.  I love staring into that jar.


The grand finale of my studio tour is not in my studio.  My Handiquilter Sixteen midarm machine only fits in my master bedroom…all twelve feet of it.  My husband’s cousin gave this machine to me.  It was purchased for $300 after it had been damaged by smoke in a house fire.  When I got it, the tracks were black with soot.  All of the metal pieces needed to be replaced because they had rust.  The inside of the machine, however, was in perfect condition.  Mr. Ginger built a table for it and replaced most of the metal hardware.  I cleaned the machine and tracks.  We put it together.  Turned her on.  And she worked!  Amazing!  The Handiquilter Sixteen is an amazing machine, and mine has been through the ringer, but still stitches perfectly.

Thank you for stopping by, and a huge thank you to Ellison Lane Quilts for hosting this Studio Spotlight Link Up. It's been fun seeing so many sewing studios.

Happy Sewing,

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