Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Finishes!

I am so happy (and relieved) to have two baby quilts completed for twins due in March. Whew! [That's a huge sigh of relief coming from me!]


I designed two quilts in EQ7, a monkey and an owl quilt. It took the entire month to go from the design to finished quilts. Maybe I'm just a slow quilter, but life definitely gets in the way...field trips, Girl Scouts, dinner, taxes, ARGH! Can't there be more hours in a day to quilt?!


I paper-pieced all six blocks. I love the owl.


I tripped over the "Woodland Critters" fabric while shopping for extra sashing fabric on Etsy. With the hedgehogs, foxes, and owls, I had to have it! It ended up on the back, pieced together with grey minky.


My own Good Golly Ginger tag! :)
The back of the tag says Handmade by Katie Dold. These are so easy to make.


Don't forget the monkey quilt I made for the other twin...


I designed these quilts in EQ7. They measure 40" x 55". I free-motion-quilted in all-over loops and hearts. It's time to go wash them and ship them to their new owners.


And now I need to clean my house. It seriously has not been cleaned this whole month! Don't worry, I do keep it sanitary, at least.

As for A Lovely Year of Finishes, Yes, I did meet my goal for February.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Monkey Baby Quilt Finish

This quilt brings a big smile to my face. It was so much fun to design, and then to see it finished...yeah, I'm really happy about it.


The blocks are 15-inches each. There are six blocks. I designed them in EQ7. They are all paper pieced.


I pulled the fabric for the sashing out of my stash. I really like the gold tones with the purple batik. I did some fussy cutting too.


The purple batik fabric has pink butterflies and flowers scattered throughout the print. This was my first time using batik. I am a batik convert now! It was wonderful fabric to work with. I hope it washes well. I will be using several color catchers.


I used variegated thread for the quilting. It really blends well with the batik. The free motion quilting is an all-over design of loops and hearts.


The quilt is backed with grey minky. I added applique for the quilt tag, and added all the information with a permanent fabric marking pen. I also made a tag with Good Golly Ginger printed on it. The back of the tag says Handmade by Katie Dold. :)


My binding application has significantly improved. It's all machine-stitched. So, this quilt will last a lifetime.


This baby quilt measures 40" x 56". It's big for a new baby, but it will definitely last a long time. Now it's time for me to go make an owl quilt!

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Just Monkeying Around

It's raining outside, and I'm monkeying around at my sewing machine where it is nice and warm!


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Monday, February 3, 2014

February Goals

The Hugs & Kisses Quilt top is finished. I can't wait to complete this quilt. The backing will have a fun mix of Riley Blake and minky.


But this will have to wait. I've been commissioned to make two baby quilts for twin girls due early in April. I've decided that these quilts will have to take priority because twins usually arrive early. Plus, I'm excited to be able to design my first quilt. Now I usually don't follow quilt patterns. I've resized patterns, but I've never started from scratch.


With these quilts, I'm starting from scratch. It was neat to go from drawing to draft. This morning I went to the local quilt shop to pick out fabric.


So this is my goal for February. I need to finish two baby quilt tops. Hopefully, I will complete them too. It's a short month, though, so I won't push it.

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