Monday, September 30, 2013

Acoustic Guitar Bag

This weekend I made a folder-holder bag for my big Ginger Kindergartener. I saw this tutorial at for an acoustic guitar bag, and it is perfect for Ginger #1.


Ginger #1 carries her homework in a folder back and forth to school everyday. Her teacher doesn't like the kiddos to bring backpacks to school because, well, they take up too much space. This bag is perfect for storing her folder so it doesn't get wet. The Ginger loves that it is shaped like a guitar, but she did say that it doesn't REALLY look like a guitar. REALLY?! I had to use her favorite colors. So, yeah, it doesn't REALLY look like a REAL acoustic guitar. I TRIED!


She loves her new bag. 


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  1. Great project. It's nice to be pretty and practical all at the same time.


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