Thursday, September 26, 2013

Patience Is Not My Virtue

It's been a slow week here. I've been patiently waiting for some fabric to arrive. I can't wait to start a new Swedish Bloom quilt for Ginger #1. She'll love it. I also want to start a Marcelle Medallion quilt. I've been lusting over this pattern since I bought the Liberty Love book. Ahhh. I can't wait for the postman to bring me my fabric! Patience is not my virtue.

Well, I haven't been doing nothing this week. This morning I finished a sewing machine cover. Even though I use my sewing machine daily, it still gets dusty, and it needs to be prettier.



Ohhh, and the underside...

That's Riley Blake's So Happy Together, and that makes me happy.


Those are 1-inch squares on the front. Teeny tiny. The pocket can hold my next pattern.


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  1. OOOh interesting idea! I'd never thought to make the cover with ties like that before (I'm way more likely to do that than one with a more complicated construction). Lovely!


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