Sunday, November 24, 2013

Super Easy Christmas Bib For Boys

Need a quick Christmas gift for a baby boy? I made two of these bibs in about 30 minutes! They are that quick and seriously cute.

  1. Download bib pattern here,
  2. Fat quarter of flannel,
  3. Fabric scraps for necktie,
  4. Fusible web (optional),
  5. Turning tool, and
  6. Snaps.
First wash and dry your fabric. Then Iron out all the wrinkles. Cut out the bib pattern around the outer line. Place two layers of flannel, right-sides-together, and trace the pattern onto the back of the fabric.

Pin the flannel together and cut around the traced line. I used pinking shears, but regular scissors are just fine.

After cutting out the bib pieces, take them to your sewing machine and sew a quarter-inch from the edge. Make sure to leave a 2-inch opening at the bottom for turning.

There. Trim the two sharp curves so that they lay flat when turned. Be careful not to trim the stitching. Eek!

Next, turn the bib right-side-out. I used a tool called the Purple Thang. Yes, seriously, that is it's name. The back of a spoon or a chopstick would work just fine as a turning tool.

Edge stitch around the entire bib with 1/8-inch. Go slow and pivot with needle down around the sharp curves. Mine didn't turn out perfectly. That's OK because the curves will be covered by the snaps later.

Now make the necktie. Cut out 1 necktie piece and 1 necktie knot. I used fusible web so the fabric didn't shift while sewing it down. When I made the tie with flannel, I didn't use fusible web because it's less likely to shift with flannel on flannel.

Place the necktie front and center. Iron too if you used fusible web.

Now, zigzag stitch around the tie. Set your machine to a 2.2 stitch width and 1.0 stitch length. I also changed my top thread to red. The bobbin is still brown thread. Start at the bottom left of the necktie knot. Go slow. Pivot around the corners of the necktie knot with needle down, and finish where you started. With needle down, pivot, and stitch down the necktie. Backstitch at the end.


Finally, attach some snaps. I love KAM Snaps.

Ta Da!

Make two! They're so fast and adorable.

The reverse side shows a more subtle necktie outline that I think is just as cute.

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  1. So cute! It would be a great gift for a first christmas!

  2. These are adorable. My grandson will look sooooo cute wearing his.

  3. Those Kam snaps look like a champ on these bibs! What a super cute bib.... Would make a lovely gift for a new mom... thanks for the pattern!!! :)
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

    1. Yes, I love Kam snaps. You're welcome. Thank you for stopping by!

  4. These are gorgeous. Would you put anything in between to increase absorbency?

    1. Two layers of flannel is pretty absorbent, but if you have an "uber-spitter-upperer", then a third layer of flannel would be good. Thank you for visiting!

  5. These are really cute! Thanks for a great idea!

  6. What about velcro? I am not good at snaps... and I have velcro on hand. :)


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