Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday

My mind has turned toward Christmas, and it's not Thanksgiving yet. When Accuquilt came out with the clamshell die, I sprung for both the 4-inch and the 8-inch. Since my brain is obsessed with all things Christmasy already, I've been working on some clamshell Christmas pillows.


I'm not going to lie. I wanted to SCREAM at these cute little 4-inch clamshells! Don't be fooled by their overwhelming cuteness. They are a major PAIN! 


However, when all is said and done (and quilted), they are worth the seam ripping and cursing. Wait, are they? Yes, I think so. Maybe?


Also, a friend of mine just had a baby boy. So, it is time to make bibs. Another friend is due any day, and I better make more.


And finally, I'm having scrappy quilty fun with the Quilty Fun Sew-Along. It's not too late to join over here. It's a great quilt to use all those fabric scraps.

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  1. very cute clamshells. I've been thinking about trying that shape in epp. sounds like it might be easier than sewing by machine! all's well that looks well in the end?

    1. I think these would be really wonderful with epp, drinking hot cocoa and watching a movie. That sounds much more relaxing.

  2. Those clamshells are stunning! I've never been brave enough to attempt anything like that...

  3. aw those clam shells are cute and unoffensive! You did a beautiful job on them!

    1. They are unoffensive as long as they are under someone else's presser foot! Thank you!


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