Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Starting A New Quilt

I started a new quilt...
Here is the design in EQ7...
Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 11.32.53 AM
This is a Christmas present for Ginger #1.  It will be made into a sleeping bag.  I will need to make another one for Ginger #2 too...before Christmas.  Oh, and I want to make them an indoor teepee!  I'll be busy with the sewing machine.

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Happy Stitching,


  1. This is super cute, it will look great!

  2. Very cute and you will be super busy! Good luck getting it all done!

  3. I like your new design. Good luck with all your sewing projects. I'm curious if you have any advice on getting to know EQ7. I bought it. I want to love it. But despite my tech savvy-ness and experience with numerous other (non-quilt) design programs, I'm not finding EQ7 very intuitive. I am frustrated that I can't just sit down and do what I want to do. :-}

    1. Thank you! EQ7 does have a learning curve, and I still have a lot to learn on it. I started becoming more comfortable with it when I bought the spiral-bound EQ7 books "Pieced Drawing" and "Quilt Design". These books are project-based. So, you make a project as you learn. Also, there is an EQ7 forum that I belong to. That's a good place to ask specific questions. There are a bunch of videos on youtube too. My LQS owner also just mentioned that there might be a new group formed with regular meetings. That would be fantastic! So, you might want to check out where you shop too.

  4. You will be busy! Good luck getting those projects finished! You should link them up next week on my blog - I've got sponsors lined up to reward the busy sewing elves this Christmas!


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