Friday, September 18, 2015

Creative Maker Supply Case For My Budding Artist

This last week I made a Creative Maker Supply Case for my 7 year-old budding artist, Ginger #1. She was head over heals excited for this case, especially since I included a brand-new-set-of-markers! I know that happens to me every time I get a brand-new-stack-of-fat-quarters.
I was in a good mood because I included one of my beloved frixion pens. Ginger #1 has no idea that this shows how much I love her!
This case is very sturdy. It uses flex foam interfacing and extra-heavy interfacing. The result is a very sturdy case, perfect for car trips. I have no idea when we are actually going to take a car trip.
I added the ginger's name with my digital cutter. It's a flocked heat-transfer material that works perfectly on fabrics. I've used the digital cutter and this material for labels on the back of quilts.
Let's look at the inside again...
I wanna be a kid again. OK, no I don't, but I will make one of these cases for myself and revert to my childish ways.
Now I gotta make one for Ginger #2 and myself. I'll be busy this next week.

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  1. Now that is a case that could keep me busy for a while! Really, that's saying a lot since I have the attention span of a 5-year-old. Your little one should love it! I'm thinking that it would make perfect Christmas gifts for my little granddaughters. They love art supplies, too.

  2. This is really fun, she is a lucky girl. x

  3. How cute! It looks like you did a super job with it, too!

  4. I love your case! Adorable fabrics for a little girl and what a great idea to use heat transfer to add her name! I'll be doing that for sure. I hope you show us the next 2 that you make!

  5. Katie, that is really cute! And #1 is so talented, this is the perfect thing for her! Isn't Dad going to get one for his .... whatever?

  6. Hi Katie - Thanks for linking this at TGIFF! You made a fantastic case. The fabrics are super delightful - who wouldn't love it? :D

  7. I love your case, such a clever pattern! I could think of several kiddos (including myself!) that would be happy to have one of these. :)


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