Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Voila! A New Design Wall!

I needed a design wall in my sewing room, but I have almost no wall space available. What to do, what-to-do? One afternoon it hit me like a bag of potatoes. I do not need those closet doors! Sure, they hide crap scraps and other things. The closet doors are a perfect place for a design wall.


I talked to Mr. Ginger about my brilliant idea. It was going to be work for him, but he thought the idea was great. He made some new doors out of masonite and 1x2s. 


I stapled some white flannel to the doors. Mr. Ginger put the old hardware on the new doors. Voila. A new design wall! Thank you for your help Mr. Ginger!


I'm having fun playing with a Briar Rose charm pack. I see new throw pillows in my future.

Happy Quilting,

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