Sunday, June 1, 2014

Month of May

Not enough sewing is happening at the ginger house. The month of May went by far too quickly. I was busy, but not with sewing related activities. Can you relate? Please tell me your sob story so that I can commiserate with you.

I am starting to work on my gypsy wife blocks. They are so fun!

Pershing Block...

Colour Wheel Block...

From the Heart Block...

I have also been updating my blog. Did you see the quilt gallery and tutorials buttons at the top?

This blog update is in lieu of the New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop hosted by Beth at Plum and June. I'm so excited to be a part of my first blog hop ever! There has been so much work going on behind the scenes. There are going to be a lot of great, newish quilting blogs to visit. I hope to see you there, or here, where? Here, below...

Plum and June

Don't forget, I did finish a project this month. Albeit, it's a small project.

The notebook cover was much loved by the recipient. This next one will go to Ginger #1's teacher. 


The Ginger is finishing her last week of Kindergarten this week. Time has gone by so fast!

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Happy Stitching,


  1. Glad you could do some sewing. I love the new tabs you added. A quilt gallery is always the first thing I look at on new to me blogs.

  2. Love your color wheel block and the notebook covers!

  3. You have been busy Katie! I will be updating some of my blog when I get a chance to breathe....nice to meet you 😀

  4. Nice blocks but that zebra cover is fab!

  5. I am loving your color wheel block! Fun use of Nordika too!!
    We are packing up for a huge move so I understand! My quilting time keeps getting cut!

  6. i know you like paper piecing...have you been making your own patterns for the gypsy wife? i've been having a lot of trouble with it. all of my blocks finish too small. someone make a paper piece pattern for the pershing and shared it with me and it turned out perfect :)

    1. I've been sewing along with the Intrepid Thread quilt along. I believe Jen Kingwell's website has an errata page because there are some errors in the book. Also, the block size in the book is given in finished size. So, you will need to add 1/2-inch to all your blocks as they are unfinished. I have been stitching with a scant quarter-inch, and it's been working splendidly. That Pershing block was difficult, and I did do some seam ripping to get the half square triangles lined up. FPP would definitely be useful for that, but I didn't do it that way. Follow along my blog, and I'll be posting my work as I go along. I just finished Hope From Hartford, and today I'm working on Crazy Anne. My piecing skills are definitely being tested and improving with this quilt. Definitely use a scant quarter-inch seam.


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